How can I cancel or change an order?

After your order is completed, it is possible to cancel it for limited period of time. As long as this option is available, you will see the "Cancel order" field available in the respective order.
Your order can still be canceled

Cancel order in your customer account Cancel order as a guest
  1. Open the "Orders" menu item in your customer account.
  2. Select the particular order you wish to cancel.
  3. Cancel your entire order using "Cancel order".
  1. Open the order confirmation email for the order that you want to cancel.
  2. Open the link "View order details".
  3. Cancel your entire order using "Cancel order".

Select the reason for your cancelation and confirm by clicking "Request cancelation". Your cancelation request will then be checked and you will receive the relevant information by email within a few minutes. The purchase amount will be refunded to the payment method used for the order.
Note: Please note that individual items cannot be canceled. Orders can only be canceled in their entirety. Please also note that cancelation cannot be reversed once completed.
Your cancellation request will then be reviewed and you will receive the relevant information by email in a few minutes. Please note that a cancellation cannot be reversed.

I am having trouble canceling my order
Once an order has been prepared for shipping, it can no longer be cancelled.

In these case, the "Cancel order" option will not be available on your order.
Under the terms of our return policy, items you no longer want can be returned to us within 30 days.
If you have entered the wrong address, or made an error in the address, the package will be sent back to us as a return.

What if my order has been canceled by Breuninger?
We apologize for any inconvenience in this case. Occasionally, if an item is sold out due to another customer purchasing the same item at the same time, an order may be automatically canceled by our system. If the item you would like is sold out, you can opt to be notified automatically as soon as it’s available again.

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