What are the terms of use for vouchers?

All currently valid vouchers can be viewed in our online shop under vouchers and promotions.

Redemption of our vouchers:

Redeem voucher: Please enter the corresponding voucher code in the final order step before completing your purchase and confirm the entry using the "Redeem" button so that it is credited to the order.

Usage: If the voucher can be redeemed only once, you will see this in the terms of use. All other vouchers can be used multiple times in our online shop.

Retrospective credit: It is not possible to credit a voucher to an already completed order.

Combine vouchers: Only one personalized voucher, which reduces the total amount and has a minimum purchase value (e. g. satisfaction voucher), can be redeemed per order.
Coupons that reduce the price of a specific item (e. g. Home & Living Coupons, Beauty Coupons, BLACK2021) can be combined.

Validity of our vouchers:

Validity period: Vouchers and promotions are always valid only for a certain period of time.

Minimum order value: Please note that there is a minimum order value of 20 € in our online shop. If this value is not reached, the order process cannot be completed.

Minimum purchase value: Some vouchers are subject to a minimum purchase value.
Please note that if, as a result of a (partial) return, the minimum purchase value is not reached, the voucher will automatically be invalidated.

Limited selection of products: Vouchers may be limited to specific products, brands, categories and/or payment methods.

The applicability of our vouchers can be found in the redemption conditions in the fine print of each voucher.

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