How do I update or change my customer account profile?

Do you want to change your password?
You can change your password under "Personal Data" > "Login Info":

  1. Click the button "Password".
  2. Under "Change password", enter your old password as well as your new password.
  3. Click "Change password".
  4. We will immediately send you an email with an activation link, where you can confirm your new password and use it immediately.

Do you want to change your e-mail address?
Under "Personal Data", you can change the email address used to log in to your customer account:

  • Under "Email address / User name", enter your new email address.
  • Click "Change email address".
  • We will immediately send an email with an activation link to your old email address. Please confirm the changes using this link. The new data will only be added when this is completed.

If you no longer have access to the old email address and are consequently unable to change the address using the steps listed above, please contact our customer service department using the contact form.

In addition, you can change the email address for notifications under "Personal Data". Once you have made these changes, you will receive all notifications regarding your customer account and your orders at the new email address. This can be different than your user name.

Please note that changing this email address will not affect your newsletter subscription. Read additional information about changing your email address for the newsletter.

Do you want to change your address?
Under "My address book" > "Billing address", you can permanently change or update your billing address at any time.

Under "My address book" > "Delivery address", you can save and manage different delivery addresses so that you can easily select them during the order process.

Note: Please note that, for technical reasons, it is not possible to change the payment method or delivery address for orders that have already been completed. In this case, we ask you to please cancel your order and place a new one.

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