I received a defective article

Did you receive an item that was not delivered in perfect condition? We are very sorry that the item does not meet our quality requirements.

All items undergo a final quality inspection by our employees before being shipped. Nevertheless, if you should happen to receive a damaged article, you can submit a complaint concerning the item:

  1. For free return shipment, please use the return label that was enclosed with your order.
  2. You do not need to register your return request digitally or non-digitally
  3. Save the shipping receipt until your return has been fully processed.

If you no longer have the documents, you have the option of creating a replacement for your return label here. Alternatively, as a registered customer you can also generate a new return label and print the associated return form in your customer account under "Orders".

Please understand that we do not offer exchanges in our online shop.
If you would like the article to be delivered again, please place another order in our Breuninger online shop.

If you would like to keep the article despite the defect, we are happy to review the option of a price discount.
To this end, please contact customer service and provide the following images of the article:

  • full view
  • front view
  • label
  • detailed photos in which the defect is easily visible

Our complaints department will contact you after reviewing the inquiry.

Please note that no complaints can be accepted for the following defects:

  • Already worn articles that do not offer the desired level of wearing comfort (e. g., shoes that cause blisters or clothing that "feels scratchy") as sensitivity varies from person to person.
  • Defects that are caused by wear from daily use, such as small scratches on a belt buckle or folding creases on the front/middle parts of a shoe.
  • Articles that have shrunk or been damaged due to improper cleaning.
  • Pilling (fine fibres that come together and form small knots/lint depending on the wear, friction and length).
  • Articles that suffer colour loss or cause staining, such as "bleeding" when washing jeans.
  • Defects caused by intensive or improper use.
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